Alexander McQueen Fall 2016

Originally published online by Wylde Magazine

The true essence of Alexander McQueen returned to the label this season. Sarah Burton’s rendition of a midnight romance, where a sheer, lace-trimmed lingerie-inspired dress code contrasted elegantly with references to men’s tailoring. At once ethereal and realistic, Burton’s autumn/winter offerings consisted of trousers under sunray-pleated skirts, Marabou feather adornments and quilted silk satin eiderdown coats; whimsical motifs (including clock faces, floating lips, butterflies, birds and more) could be found printed, enlarged, appliqué and embroidered. Truly a collection of showstoppers, embellished with silver and gold beads and sequins, flowers and silk butterflies, there were also more accessible separates. The bias-cut slips, Lurex knits, shrunken leather perfectos and covetable coats worn over silk bras grounded this dreamy vision within the modern wardrobe.

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