Rich, vibrant and textural. Three of the many classic descriptions used to describe Dries Van Noten’s aesthetics. But what he presented for his fall-winter collection was borderline eccentric with a passionate femininity and raw glamour.

Where most designers would undoubtedly clash, Van Noten placed a somber red and grey look alongside utilitarian khaki or golden jacquard, with an alluring spectrum of jewels, embroideries, quilting and a plethora of exquisite detailing that remained editorial yet wearable, unconventional yet spectacularly comfortable to the eye.

Van Noten’s textural enthusiasm was certainly at no loss this season, as magnificent brocades, jacquards and embroideries appeared with oriental themes while dotted jacquard, cherry blossoms and subtle military references conjured the sensation of an empowering safari through the Orient.

To further exaggerate this concept, there were longhair faux furs and safari shirtdress and pants to bestow an all-around spectacle of pairings, where brocades were paired with brocades, or dotted jacquards with quilts.

Everything else aside, however, Dries Van Noten’s most influential item of the season would be the elegant ball skirts wrapped around a full khaki ensemble or sheer navy shirt and wide-leg pants. Relaxed and tailored, this look embodied a textural feast for the eyes with delectable details at every turn and a reinvigorating brilliance of unconventional design.

Review commissioned by Statement.qa.

Photo: Yannis Vlamos / Indigitalimages.com

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