Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017

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The Niterói Contemporary Art Museum appeared as if it had been beamed down from an alien world when architect Oscar Niemeyer built the streamlined structure in 1996, now marvelled and celebrated for its unique, aerodynamic and winding curves. Twenty years later, it’s adding mystique and fantasy to the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 runway, as part of the French fashion house’s third pre-collection destination experience – and it was certainly an experience – though Rio de Janeiro rarely disappoints.

Local and international guests, including Jaden Smith, Chiara Ferragni and Doona Bae, all flocked to the tropical city for Louis Vuitton’s newest interim frocks and festivities, receiving in return an adventure under the Brazilian sun, made even better with paddleboard lessons, the samba and a collection evocative of the very spirit of Rio.

Paying tribute to two of Brazil’s very own, artists Helio Oiticica (a pioneer of the Neo-Concrete movement) and Aldemir Martins (an artist renowned for his paintings of flora and fauna), creative director Nicolas Ghesquière balanced Oiticica’s lightness with Martins’ regional vibrancy, and what resulted was an athletic lineup reminiscent of the French sophistication in the earlier days of Catherine Deneuve but with a contemporary athletic wear undertone intended to satisfy the modern Zendaya generation.

Ghesquière sent colour-blocked dresses with curved cutouts, wrapped embroidered skirts and colour – lots and lots of colour – down a winding runway lined with its 514 guests. Taking cues from Oiticica, his lightweights options (kite-light windbreaker parkas and taffeta cape-dresses) were a huge success, and the city’s distinct energy and multi-cultural flare could be felt throughout the collection. But you’ll need to look closely if you want to spot the true star of the collection: a range of Martins-inspired graphic handbags and our new must have, a boombox bag complete with Bluetooth technology for playing your favourite tunes.

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Photos: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

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