Mary Katrantzou Fall 2016

Originally published online by Wylde Magazine

With influences including 1950’s Americana and the Wild West, this season’s collection explored Mary Katrantzou’s romantic side, falling in love with opposing halves and attractive opposites, where the masculine bonds with the feminine. For her Autumn/Winter 2016 offerings, she goes further than bonding the two and proposes a lineup of technicolour motifs, pieces of saturated hues and styling options that merge cowboy details with ballerina silhouettes. This collection has major cool factor. Not only are we getting the statement yet effortless wearability of Katrantzou, but also her party-ready finale dresses, which would be perfect on the Red Carpet.

MK_AW16_Look01 MK_AW16_Look02 MK_AW16_Look03 MK_AW16_Look04 MK_AW16_Look05 MK_AW16_Look06 MK_AW16_Look07 MK_AW16_Look08 MK_AW16_Look09 MK_AW16_Look10 MK_AW16_Look11 MK_AW16_Look12 MK_AW16_Look13 MK_AW16_Look14 MK_AW16_Look15 MK_AW16_Look16 MK_AW16_Look17 MK_AW16_Look18 MK_AW16_Look19 MK_AW16_Look20 MK_AW16_Look21 MK_AW16_Look22 MK_AW16_Look23 MK_AW16_Look24 MK_AW16_Look25 MK_AW16_Look26 MK_AW16_Look27 MK_AW16_Look28 MK_AW16_Look29 MK_AW16_Look30 MK_AW16_Look31 MK_AW16_Look32 MK_AW16_Look33 MK_AW16_Look34 MK_AW16_Look35 MK_AW16_Look36 MK_AW16_Look37 MK_AW16_Look38 MK_AW16_Look39

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