The mistress of lace, Sharon Wauchob, continues to translate the delicate fabric into an array of intriguing creations that face ageless beauty. Within Wauchob’s fall-winter collection, she presented sparkling numbers with floral patterns and an inconspicuous sex appeal, incorporating a subtle blush pink and silver gray into a lineup of covetable dresses.

If lacework were the only trade at hand, we would certainly remain at awe with Wauchob’s textural workmanship; however, this season she included embroideries so fine as to represent the same patterns found on exotic skins. The same motif was carried over onto ponyskin car coats, encouraging a major fur moment this season, as well as several statement looks to come.


With so much lace and fur within a single collection, this particular lineup risked facing an air of self-importance and over-extravagance; however, with an inherent theme of the late Sixties and early Seventies, including the trending bell-bottom styling, Sharon Wauchob’s fall-winter season echoed sophistication with demure sexuality and timeless possibility.

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